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Razor Wire Fence

What is razor wire fence:This can be achieved easily and economically by adding fence toppings of twisted barbed strand wire or razor wire. The razor wire coil can be mounted on the existing fence forms an enhanced new fencing, called Razor Wire Fence. The barbed wire mounted mesh fences are called Barbed Wire Fence. Almost all the mesh fence panel (especially chain link or woven mesh or welded mesh panels) can work with barb or razor tape concertina. Those fence with smooth top rails are more convenient for installing fence toppings with tension wire, clips or Y supports. The sharp razor wire fence is used in military and prison fencing at the beginning, now popularly used for industrial and commercial fencing as perimeter fence, residential steel picket theft-resisting fence and chain link security fences, etc. In this page, we also introduce a case study of How the Chain Link Fence and Gate are Used as Security National Fencing with the Adding of Barbed and Razor Tapes.

What Enables Barbed Wire and Razor Wire to Enhance Existing Mesh Fence to High Security Fence? The special design and physical anti-climbing feature of the barbed wire and razor wire. The twisted barbed wire strand has pointed barbs that will hurt or hold the intruders easily. The razor wire has sharp blade profiles that will cause more severe harms. When they are mounted along the top railings of the metal fences, even the common chain link fences become frightening for the intruders.

razor wire fence

Why Choose Razor Wire Fence?

Though barbed wire seems cost less compared with razor wire, we recommend razor tape concertina as security razor wire fence toppings. The latter will give higher security to the existing metal mesh fencing, offers more fencing forms and cost less in view of its higher security level and long term uses in general.

What Advantages Does Razor Wire Fencing Have Over Barbed Wire Fences?

Razor barbed wire fencing and razor wire concertina makes the majority of our products. Razor barbed wire fencing is usually made of galvanized steel blade or stainless steel blade. Two pieces of stainless steel razor wire or zinc-coated razor wire can be bounded together by clips to make it stronger. The spiral intersecting barbed wire presents an intersecting shape after opening with beautiful outlook and practical property
Material for Razor Barbed Wire Fencing: Galvanized blade, stainless steel blade. 
Features: Compact and rational structure, high safety factor, for the protection of prison and key project . 
Technical Note: Razor barbed wire fencing can be made according to the actual dimension of customer; the special specification is manufactured according to the drawing
Standard products are shown in the tables above, special specifications available on request. 
Standard materials are either galvanized or stainless steel.

Barbed wire normally refers to the stranded steel wires with twisted barbs. The galvanized steel barbed wire or plastic coated barbed tapes have short barb and less frightening. The razor wire coils have wide and bigger blades. Secondly, the barbed wire is a kind of strip protecting only a small space. The razor tape can be mounted in crossed concertina coils with bigger covering diameter. Thirdly, the barbed wire can be supplied only in one form, along one direction, while razor wires can be supplied in several forms: flatwrap razor wire, crossed concertina razor wire or blade razor spikes. The different forms of razor wire fence toppings can be mounted to the fence panels to achieve various fencing barrier effects.

Galvanized Barbed Tape Anti-Climbing Fence ToppingGalvanized Barbed Tape Anti-Climbing Fence Topping:


Hot Dipped Galvanized Razor Tape Flat Type

Wall and Roof Protection Spikes

What kinds of mesh fence are suitable to work with razor wire? Or where is the razor wire fencing used?
Almost all wire mesh fences welded or woven can be installed with razor wire fence toppings. But it is not always necessary to use razor wires. It is mostly used in military and prison perimeter fencing, also used for perimeter fence for industrial and commercial sites to protect private or public poverties, for high grade residence and villa areas. Razor wire coils can also be individually used in military uses and wars to form a mobile barrier.

Topping Styles for Razor Wire Climbing-Resisting Barrier Systems:

Razor Wire Flat Wrap;
Cross Type Razor Wire Coils: supplied in hot dipped galvanized steel finish or stainless steel 316, helical forms, supported with Y post;
Barb Wire and Razor Tape Concertina Combined Tapes;
Wall Spikes: Used along walls or other flat strips or areas to form a scope of security by stopping people and birds.

Case Study of Chain Link Mesh Razor Wire Fencing:

Anti-Intrusion Perimeter Security Fencing for Land Border of Kuwait. A project using Razor Tape Wire and Barbed Wire as Toppings for CHAIN LINK FENCE and Gates.
General Information: The system is composed with four major parts: Chain link fabrics, barbed wire and razor concertina tape toppings, chain link gates, and fence posts and fittings.
Ministry Of Interior secured its Northern and Southern Land border of State of Kuwait with the Anti Intrusion Perimeter Security Fencing installed for about 465 km and with 2.5 M in vertical height from the ground line to the top line of the barbed wire attached to the extension arms.

Fence has 6 rows of barbed wire and one row of Razor Wire Tape. Therefore, the total Height of the fence including the Razor Tape coil is 2.9 Meter from the Grading level of the ground until the apex of the Razor Tape coil. It also includes, 8 Numbers of Double leaf Main Gates .

Part One: Main Body of Razor Wire Fence: Chain-link fence fabrics: two types, base fence panels in 465 Km range .

Heavy Galvanized Fabric to meet standard BS-443 - 440 Km
PVC Coated fence system conforming to AASHTO M-181 – 50 Km

a. Heavy Galvanized Fabric

The Fabric shall be Heavy Galvanized to BS-443 from galvanized steel wire, 3.0mm diameter, mesh size 50x50mm, fabric height 2.5 M barbed selvage. It shall be supplied in rolls of not less than 15 M each .

b. PVC coated Fabric

The Fabric is type IV, class A with dimension of 50x50mm mesh, 2.0 M high. It is woven from galvanized + PVC coated wire 3.76mm od x 2.5mm core. The core wires have zinc coating weight of 30g/M Sq. Both ends of the fabric are twisted and barbed selvage .

Part Two: Fence Toppings: Composed by Tension Wire, Razor Tape and Barbed Wire

Razor Tape Concertina:
Galvanized Razor Tape Concertina is manufactured confirmed to Military spec of MIL-B-52489. Supplied in 980mm coil diameter, 0.5mm blade thickness, 2.5mm diameter high tensile core wire, 38mm barb spacing, 22mm barb length, extended length approx not less than 15 MR. Distance between two spirals shall be 530mm approximately .

Technical Specification of Concertina Tape is as followed:

Pipe Resin Test Criteria: The Resin formulation met the standard ASTM E42-64 (D) minimum 5000 hour WEATHER-O-METER requirement without cracking, blistering, or loss of adhesion. The protective resin coating withstands an impact resistance test (Gardner Test Method) of a minimum of 1850 mm/kg (160in/lb). Certified abrasion resistance is in excess of a ten minute blast of 5.6 Kg/cm2 (80 psi) at 305mm (12") at 25 deg C with S230 shot at an impingement angle of 90 degrees without exposing the steel substratum. It does not support combustion and is self-extinguishing; and withstand a salt spray test (Federal Test Standard 141 – Method 6061) of greater than 10,000 hours, with no perceptive deterioration to coating or evidence of metal corrosion for un-scored samples. For scored samples, after exposure of 1000 hours, under-cutting doesn't not exceed 5mm. The protective resin coating exhibits a chemical resistance after prolonged exposure at 24 deg C to fumes and in addition, resists attack from prolonged exposure to dilute solutions of most common mineral acids, sea water and dilute solutions of most salts alkalis .

Barbed Wire:

Galvanized barbed wire is IOWA Pattern, 2 Ply, 4 Points. It is Galvanized strand wire 2.50mm diameter, galvanized barbing wire 2.0mm diameter, spacing between barbs 101mm, complied with ASTM A-121, Class 1, supplied in reels of 200 M, sufficient for 6 rows .

PVC coated barbed wire, is IOWA pattern, twin strand, 4 point, spacing between barbs 101mm. Strand wire is PVC coated 2.5mm od x 1.8mm core. Core wire is galvanized with a minimum zinc coating weight of 42g/M Sq .

Barbing wire is 2.0mm dia galvanized wire with a minimum zinc coating weight of 200g/M Sq .

Barbed Wire Extension Arm ('V' Shape)

Extension Arm for fixing 6 rows of barbed wire are made of pressed steel or malleable iron, hot dip galvanized and PVC Coated, 50cm long, with 6 notches on the arm to fix six rows of barbed wire. The extension arms are fitted on top of the posts at an angle of 45 deg. The installed arm is capable of supporting a minimum of 114 Kg dead weight attached to the outer end of the arm. The arm is rigidly fixed on the post by means of a bolt .

Tension Wire: Tension wire are Heavy Galvanized, 3.76mm dia to comply with the standard BS-443, for 3 rows and Galvanized + PVC Coated Wire 3.76mm od x 2.50mm core .

Part Three: Gates: Mounted with Security Fence Toppings:
Vehicle Gates shall be Galvanized + PVC Coated Double Leaf Vehicle Gate, which shall be manually operated gate with Barbed Wire including one row of Razor Tape on top .

Gate Dimension is 2.5 M wide x 2.5 M high each leaf .

Post Sizes: Gate post is 114.3mm od x 16.1 Kg/MR Galvanized + PVC Coated, Gate Frame 48.3mm od x 4.05 Kg/MR Galvanized + PVC Coated, Bracing 42.2mm od x 3.4 Kg/MR Galvanized + PVC Coated. All posts conform to ASTM A-53, Sch-40 .

Gate Fittings: Strand gate fittings like truss rods, bands, hinges, gate elbows, gate center stop, drop rod etc. in Galvanized + PVC Coated finish is used .

Gate Infill: 3.76/2.5mm Galvanized + PVC Coated Wire, 50x50mm mesh .

Part Four: Fence Posts and Fittings, also Bracing Tips.

Fence Posts:
Every 3.0 meter interval Line posts are installed. The dimension of line post is 48.3mm od x 4.05 Kg/MR x 2.70 M long galvanized steel post with galvanized 'V' shaped extension arm on top to take 6 rows of barbed wire .

Every 150 Meter Pull/Corner Posts are installed. The dimension of these posts is 60.3mm od x 5.4 Kg/MR x 2.70 M long galvanized post with 42.2mm od x 3.40 Kg/MR x 6.0M long galvanized steel brace rail pipe, Galvanized 'V' shaped extension arm to take 6 rows of barbed wire .

Fence Fittings:
Fence fittings are pressed steel or malleable iron fittings, Heavy Galvanized (or) hot dip galvanized with PVC Coated .

Straining and Bracing Parts:
All pull; corner and end posts are braced in the direction of the line of fence, using brace rail pipes as compression members and truss rods with turn buckles as tension members .
Pull posts are horizontally braced to the nearest line posts in both directions .
End posts are horizontally braced in one direction only .
Corner posts are diagonally braced. The bottom ends of the brace are not less than 0.6 M vertically below the ground level .
Standard straining fittings like truss rod, turn buckle, tension bar, brace and tension bands, rail ends, brace rail ends, nuts & bolts etc shall be used for all posts .

All posts: 300mm diameter x 700mm deep .
Braces for corner posts: 600mm x 300mm on plan, with three vertical sides .

Attached is the Detailed Specification for Razor Tape Concertina Used in the Kuwait National Security Perimeter Fence Project.


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