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Orange Barrier Warning Description of orange barrier warning Orange barrier warning also named snow fence. Low wind drag for sporting events and construction sites posts can be spaced for apart, no sharp edges, solid bands top and bottom, available in 50' or 100' rolls in orange, white or green Specification of Orange barrier warning
Material:Orange barrier warning made from High density polyethylene
Wide: 1M 1.2M 1.5M 1.8M 2.0M
Long: 30M 50M Mesh
size: 100x40 80x40 100x26 90x26 80x26 70x26 60x26 80x45
Weight:80g to 200gper square meter
Colour: Orange, black, green, blue
Ultraviolet Resistance: Fully stabilized
Temperature Range: -60 degrees F. to 180 degrees F

Model Mesh Weight(g/m2) Width(m)
120-10026  100*26 120 1.0~1.25
160-06626 66*26 160 1.0~1.25
120-06535 65*35 120~250 1.0~1.25
120-10070 100*70 120~200 1.0~1.25
200-06040  60*40 200 1.0
270-06060 60*60 270 1.25/2.5
080-10040 100*40 80~120 1.0~1.25
140-08040 80*40  140~200 1.0~1.25
120-09026  90*26  100~120 1.0~1.25
140-07026 70*26 140~200 1.0~1.25
280-08026  80*26 280 1.0


How to install snow fence?
Snow fence should be positioned upwind of the desired drift area, noting the prevailing wind direction.

Bury the fence posts 1/3 of their height, place the T-posts no more than 8' apart. (Note: Metal U-posts or rebar are not recommended as supports for snow fences.) Please note that when tensile strength is the biggest concern typically the posts are the weakest link in successfully controlling the snow drift.

Pull the snow fence taught and secure to the posts with plastic fence ties (zip ties) with a minimum 5" gap at the bottom of the fenceto prevent burying. In addition, the snow fence should be attached on the upwind side of the post to prevent tearing. Loop the ties through the available holes or "teeth" in the post to prevent the snow fence from sliding down the post. Support wires should stabalize end post to prevent sagging.

For additional longevity, pull the snow fence taught and secure between the flat side of the T-post and the wood slat. Or weave the slat through the fence mesh and use it as a tension bar to pull the fence snug. Then secure the slat to the post. Use plastic fence ties (zip ties) to secure the slat and snow fence to the T-post at the top, middle and bottom of the fence. Loop the tie through the "tooth" at the top and the bottom of the T-post to prevent the fence from sliding down the post.

For the greatest longevity of the snow fence it can be suspended from a wire (plastic, metal, rope etc.), this is in addition to the securing method described in #2 and #3. The wire should be weaved through the upper openings of the snow fence and through the holes in the posts; the wire shall then be secured at both ends of the snow fence.

To connect snow fence sections, overlap both ends by at least 6" and weave a wood slat through overlapping strands. Secure the joined area to a post.

Orange Temporary Snow Fence


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